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We Pledge Made in USA – Let’s get 10 Million Signatures

Our goals are simple:

  • We want to send a Strong Message to US Manufacturers that Americans want products Made in the USA!
  • We want to help create jobs in the United States by increasing the demand for Made in the USA products and services.
  • We want to show retailers that there is a need to offer more products Made in the USA.
  • We want to show that Americans united can create jobs without legislation.
  • We want to increase media attention about the need for US Manufacturing.

We the Consumers of the United States must unite together and take action.

Legislators like to make promises and talk about creating jobs, but can they really fulfill those promises and is it really their responsibility to do so?

While the politicians try to find answers to those questions, let’s stand up for our country, unite together and take action by not just talking about buying products Made in the USA, but actually doing it.

Sign the Pledge and send a strong message to US Manufacturers that you are tired of outsourcing, off-shoring, the loss of jobs, the downturn in the economy and cheap imports. Tell them it’s time to bring the jobs home.

By signing this pledge you will be joining other Americans who will:

  • Buy Made in the USA products whenever you shop online or in stores.
  • Read the labels when you are shopping.
  • Ask manufacturers to offer Made in the USA products.
  • Ask store managers to offer more Made in the USA products.
  • Encourage family, friends and fellow Americans to Buy Made in the USA Products.

Sign the Pledge

We Pledge Made in USA


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