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Before you buy Candy to Fill Those Easter Baskets

Before you buy Candy to Fill Those Easter Baskets

April 14, 2017

If you have been down the Easter candy aisle of your local big box store this year you may have noticed the wide assortment and variety of Easter candy that is available. Gone are the days when a simple chocolate bunny or bag of jelly beans will do. Now we have Star Wars bunnies, princess bunnies, marshmallow treats and more.

Yet among all the sugar laden treats and brightly colored packaging there is something amiss in the world of Easter candy. Something you should know before you stock up on the Easter themed goodies that you will be filling your child’s Easter Basket with this year.

No longer is it safe to assume that the candy you buy is Made in the USA. In fact a lot of it is now Made in China or Mexico.

The only way you will know for sure is if you turn that package over and read the label. If you find the words Made in China or Mexico on the item, don’t buy it.

Perhaps next year the big box stores will stock more of the Made in USA candy instead of adding more Made in China or Mexico to their product offerings.

Have a wonderful Made in USA Easter in 2017.