Use this summer as a way to improve our nation’s health

June, 24 2020

Most everyone loves the sun and fun of summer. The great BBQ food, spending time outdoors, camping fishing and so many other fun activities.

We all think about our health a bit more in the summer. Many of us wishing we had stuck with our new years resolution when we try on our summer clothes in the spring. But with a bit of hard work and self discipline, we manage to get into the clothes we love by the time summer arrives.

Our personal health is important and so is the economic health of our nation. We are  many would argue the greatest nations on earth. However, our economic health is failing. Yes we can blame a great deal of this on our illustrious politicians who support job destroying trade deals but at the same time we have to take some of the responsibility.

Just like our physical health, it is up to each of us individually to make a conscious effort to improve our situation the best we can. While the solution is not always cut and dry, there is a way we can all contribute without a great deal of effort.

In the summer, we are buying things for our home to spruce them up, for our vacations even if they are staycations or weekend trips. From clothes to yard, to home improvement, we do a lot of shopping. The stores know it and they push some great deals on us. However, when you take a good look at those deals are you really saving?

When we take a moment to read the labels when we shop and see that it is imported, perhaps we can look for another item that is made in the USA. If we all spent just $64.00 a year on Made in USA products 200,000 jobs would be created. These jobs add money back into our local economies and improve our nations overall economic health. Imagine what we could do if we united in this cause and vowed to spend $200 – $500 per year on American Made products.

We would soon find that we no longer have an unemployment problem and our nation would be thriving once again. When Americans unite on an issue, we are an unstoppable force.

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