We Pledge Made in USA Candy & Home Decor for Halloween

We Pledge Made in USA Candy & Home Decor for Halloween

According to the National Confectionery Association, Americans are expected to spend 2.3 billion dollars on Halloween candy and a total of 8 billion dollars on Halloween. The report does not state where the products are made but we do know that most of the costumes and decor as well as some of the candy are not made in the USA.

Please take a moment to post your favorite Halloween Candy brands and where they are made. If you happen across costumes and decor made in the USA feel free to post them as well.

You would be surprised at how much of it is made in China and Mexico.  This is a great opportunity for you as well as anyone you know who hands out candy to just take a moment to turn over the package and read the labels.

You can also use this as an opportunity to teach your children by example if they are at the store when you make the purchase. Explain to them why you are looking at the label and why it is important to make sure they purchase Made in the USA products as well.

Let’s unite as Americans and help create jobs, improve the economy and keep America working.


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We Pledge Made in USA Candy for Halloween